Monday, September 14, 2015

Kids Party Series: It's a Digger Party!

Hi everyone!

Did you have a nice weekend? It's been a busy couple of weeks over here with school starting back but I'm happy to say (fingers crossed) that so far so good. Our big guy was excited to connect with his buddies again and our middle guy was filled with the nervous excitement of starting school. So was Mummy! They looked so cute in their new threads and packs. Adorable.

Our middle guy is having a birthday this week and so I thought I would do another round of party ideas. He has asked for a "Paw Patrol" birthday this year. In light of his birthday week, I thought I would share some ideas on throwing a "Digger" party if you have any little ones that are all over trucks and diggers. We had a digger party for our middle guy when he turned 2.

I had talked about how kids birthday parties can still be fabulous without having the stress in my last post. For the digger party, I stuck with a few theme colours, kept the food simple and fun for the kids.

Set the tables with a plastic tablecloth (easy just to wrap the entire table up in a bow and stick it in the bin when you're done) and disposable everything. A few toys from the playroom as the centerpiece and a trip to the party store and you have a couple of digger party tables.

Fruit, veggies and snacks are easy finger food for the minis.
These cupcakes were really easy. I just laid them on a bed of oreo cookie crumbs and added in a few more playroom toys and a yellow jellybean. Easy peasy and super cute!
The lootbags. Buckets are a great way for kids to transport their lootbags home and they can re-use them. These yellow sand buckets were $1 each and you can fill them with just about anything. These ones, I filled with construction stickers, bubbles, a toy digger, ball and candy.
Having a toddler party is already going to be a total zoo in the house. Keep it simple. It will be fabulous...promise.

I'm really excited to share the basement with you. Our contractor is wrapping it all up today. It's still pretty empty but we just ordered our couch on the weekend and I can't wait to show it all to you.

Need ideas for a toddler girl birthday? I did a pink party for my baby girl that you can get some ideas from here.

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. adorable! It's cute without being too "bob the builder"-ish. Great job!

  2. How fun! My son would've loved this one when he was a kid. Those pails are such a cute idea!

  3. Another great post! Your 'keeping it simple approach' is awesome and what a great idea with the oreo crumbs - loved that!

  4. That's SO cute and what a great theme too for your little guy!


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