Friday, June 12, 2015

Gin & Tonic Popsicles - Your Weekend Dessert!

Happy Fabulous Friday everyone!

TGIF! I’ve got something fabulously delicious to share with you today. What’s your fav drink of the summer? Hands down I’m a beer girl. But my cocktail of choice on a sticky, hot summer day is a Gin and Tonic. Come to mama!
What’s better than a G&T? A G&T popsicle. They’re simple to make and so refreshingly delish. My mum and I whipped these babies up last weekend at the cottage...
Here's How To:
What You Need:
- 1/2 cup gin
- 10 oz tonic
- 16 oz 7-up
- juice of 1 lime

What To Do:
- Mix up all the ingredients. Fill 8 plastic popsicle cups just before the top. Place the stick/top on and pop those babies in the freezer.
- The popsicles need to freeze for 12 hours. They will take longer than regular "juice" popsicles because of the alcohol content. Another might be inclined to increase the alcohol content...sorry my friends...not a good idea, they wont freeze if there is too much of the fun stuff!

I made up some fruit juice popsicles for the kids so when it was time for a popsicle break for them, it was time for the adults to have one too :)
Have a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated weekend my friends. We're full steam ahead on the basement reno. We had a minor...okay what felt like a major hiccup (like the City denied our permit hiccup...ugh), but our contractor figured out a new plan and we're good to go. Phew! I'll give you an update on where we are next week, share our living room mini-gallery wall and a giveaway!

Keep it Beautiful


  1. OOOOOOOOH I wish you hadn't given me this idea! I'm going to be into these this summer. YUM!

  2. OOOOOOOOH I wish you hadn't given me this idea! I'm going to be into these this summer. YUM!

  3. Oh man! Summer just got a whole lot better!

  4. Happy Friday indeed!! Bravo… you know I am pinning! ;)

  5. Wow- I could use one of these right now! Genius lol Pinning too :)

  6. they are so delicious and refreshing! plus...the best part...easy!

  7. Such a great idea! When I'm no longer pregnant, going to definitely have to give them a try!

  8. I love this idea for an after the kids go to bed dessert.

  9. Thanks Alicia! Another way to enjoy this summer! Thanks for the new icy treat!

  10. They are so nice and they look so good, perfect in that heat!

  11. oh my, those sound perfect! Very refreshing for a hot, humid day!


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