Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Give Your Home A Lift

Throw-pillow switch up

Mix up your pillows and move them around your house. Why not try to move the pillows you have on your couch, up in your bedroom or in the tv room? They may give another room a whole new look. Or pick up a few new ones, a very inexpensive way to give your couches and chairs an update.

When looking for pillows, you can't go wrong by choosing: a bold pattern, a subtle pattern (small stripes, geometric) and a solid colour. Choose all three in similar colours and it will look great!

Clean out your front hall closet

I did this a couple of weekends ago and it felt so good to get rid of all the hats and coats! You can actually see the closet floor now! I took my kids' old baby clothes dividers, gave them a spray and now they separate all our jackets in the closet. Use what you have!

Switch up your bedding

Getting into crisp fresh sheets has got to be one of the best feelings after a long day. I found this bedding at HomeSense. It feels like summer to me! So long winter blankets!


Easy, peasy way to give your room a boost. I noticed that our baseboards and walls have taken a beating this winter. The winter was so brutal this year that a lot more inside hockey and car racing happened inside which led to the baseboards taking a beating!

Instant prettyness.

I'm going to be off the radar for a few days, but I might be back here on Friday and for sure Monday. Don't forget to enter into the Lampe Berger contest. It closes Thursday!

Keep it Beautiful.

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