Friday, January 23, 2015

Fabulous Friday!

TGIF!! Glad it’s Friday? I am! If you can believe it, I’m still fighting this wicked virus. I’m back in the office but still waiting for this nasty bug to fully vacate! Eviction notice served.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week that I thought I would share…
Take me here now please!


Heard of this app? It’s called Waterlogue. Takes a photo and instantly turns it into a watercolour. Super cool.

How do you feel about Target leaving? I’m pretty bummed. I agree that the shelves weren’t always full and the prices might not have been as good as the States, but it still was pretty inexpensive and they had great home d├ęcor style for really good prices. I’m going to miss their Threshold line.

Disney on Ice is coming up in Ottawa on February 25th – March 1st .

We went last year and my kiddies loved it! This year it’s Disney on Ice – Worlds of Fantasy. All your kids’ fav Disney characters together on the ice with lights and music. Yup, they’ll love it. Here’s the link for tickets in Ottawa but it's a travelling show so check to see the other locations. A really great way to spend an afternoon with your little ones or even better if they go with their grandparents and you can put your feet up! Stay tuned next week, I’ll have a giveaway for a family pack of tix. Oh yeah!!

Loving this docking station

Well this is oh-so-pretty.
One of Keep It Beautiful’s loyal readers sent me an email asking how to hang three photos in a row as well as the ideal spacing. I wanted to share her end result with you. They’re perfectly straight and spaced! Great job Janet!!

Happy Weekend lovelies!

Keep it Beautiful.

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