Monday, January 19, 2015

Decorating for Winter

Have you put away all your holiday décor? Does it feel a little bare? Maybe you're loving the clean fresh look or maybe you're feeling like its looking a little empty?

I feel like the house always feels so bare once all the Christmas glam is gone. What’s a girl to do? My mantle still needs a little love. It’s time to do a little decorating for winter. Here’s what I did to keep it feeling winter-y and not Christmas-y.
I removed all the ornaments and left the pinecones in the candle holder, the birch logs in the centre of the mantle and just moved vases with greenery from the built-in shelves in the breakfast room to their new home on the mantle. Easy peasy. This way, it still feels like winter but allows the space to breathe after all the Christmas décor the mantle receives.
Here are a few other ways to cozy up your home for the winter season:
  • Layers – swap out your lighter throws for something warm and tactile. Or switch up your throw pillows with something knitted. I picked up this throw at Homesense. My kids call it the “cozy wozy” blankie.
  • Texture – baskets, pinecones, extra blankets and sheepskins at the foot of the beds and more area rugs. I added these pinecones and piece of birch in my silver tray that sits on the coffee table.

  • Candles – you can’t have enough of these babies in the winter. Line them up along your mantle or group 6-8 pillars together in the middle of your coffee or dining table.
I’m sorry I was MIA last week. I was hiding under my blankets fighting off strep throat and pink eye in both eyes! Yup, a whole lot of grossness and I'm still not feeling 100% but I'm definitely on the mend. I’ve had pink eye before (a for sure thing when you’ve got little ones) but not like this! Hope you’re staying well. Fill up on extra Vitamin C to keep those nasty colds and flu away.

Keep it Beautiful


  1. That looks amazing. I love the wood. Totally not painted right...?

  2. wow, so clean and fresh and inviting, I love this so much

  3. beautiful work! I love bark and pinecone textures. So pretty!

  4. Love the birch logs - they seem to look great anywhere you use them!


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