Monday, December 15, 2014

Get Your Holiday On! Mickey Goes Live & Gorgeous Kids' Craft

Hey guys,

Have a good weekend? Less than two weeks away till the big day. Crazy eh? I’m starting to feel the crunch of getting it all done. However, when I told that to Mr. Fix-It, he told me to chill out and relax. He’s right. Why get yourself all stressed out when the holidays are supposed to be about fun and relax? Taking that idealist thought and pairing it with reality, my mantra this week is to keep it all easy and simple. You should do it too.
And, when easy and simple feel like they’re flying out the window, just have a glass of wine and magically easy and simple come flying back in ;)
So, yesterday we had a great day with the kids. We took them to see Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival.

It was part of my Holiday Gift Guide this year. We told the boys in the morning that we were giving them an early Christmas present and they were super excited! What kid doesn’t want to see all their favourite Disney characters singing and dancing right in front of them?!
We had a blast. The show was only in Ottawa yesterday, but here is the schedule for upcoming shows across Canada and the US. We had a blast, it’s a great day to spend with your minis.

If the show is coming to your city soon, you should go. Our kids were so happy, they danced and it was a really fun way to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. They both said they want to go again so we’ll be looking out for future shows and I’ll let you know when I hear of any.
After the show I had a little craft planned for the boys. It's really easy, they turned out gorgeous and they were so proud of them. Keep it in mind if your minis are looking to do a Christmas craft for your tree.

Isn't that ornament beauty? Here's what you need:

- Clear plastic balls (available at Walmart/Michaels)
- Glue
- Sparkles
- Paint


Just let your minis do as they please. My guys wanted to paint them first and then add sparkles. You can also just add drops of glue and get your sparkle on.

We had an extra plastic ornament so we added real sprinkles. How cute is this?

A few crafty supplies and you have a great way to spend some time getting your holiday on and adorable ornaments for your tree.
Keep it Beautiful.

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