Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mason Jars Go Trendy + Giveaway!!

Welcome to the last day of

We’ve talked salsa and pickles, now let’s chat other ways to use mason jars. I've had a great time cooking with these Bernadin mason jars and finding unconventional ways to use them. Last week I shared my mason jar Pinterest board with you and if you’re a regular user of Pinterest or avid home décor magazine reader, you’ll know that mason jars are oh so trending. They’re like macramé in the 70’s, everyone is doing it.

Mr. Fix-It and I have been trying to be more diligent in bringing our lunch to the office, as well as, loading up on salads. We’ve been using these large (1 litre) mason jars to hold our salad. I try to make up four of them at a time so we each have one for the day and another ready to go the next day. The benefits…lunch is made, our food is in glass containers & not plastic, a great way to use up items in the fridge, the layers look yummy and it's oh so easy.

The salad changes based on what’s in the fridge. I keep a jar of dressing at the office (oil & vinegar is my fav) and Mr. Fix-It likes his dressing free. Naked salad.

Mason jars might be trending but using them
as a vase is a classic.

                       Mason jar lighting hack. You can do it too!

How pretty and easy is this for the holidays? I think I may do this for my urns outside this year. Outdoor candlelight in the winter is a lovely way to welcome your guests.

When we came home from our trip South last winter, our big guy created this beach in a jar. Literally, its sand, seashells and water mixed with blue food colouring.  It was easy to do and it reminds him of the beach.

I’ve had my sewing kit (clearly an indication of how much I sew by the few spools of thread and needles I have) in a plastic baggy forever. Ghetto.

In a few easy steps, this mason jar transformed into a sewing kit. Stay tuned next week for the simple how-to tutorial.

Think this might be the next project. Mason jar soap dispenser.
Before you go, I have one more CONTEST!!!
Enter to win 6 X 1 Litre Decorative Mason Jars from Bernardin. For all your salad making, sewing kits and so much more! Don't forget the holidays are coming, I know you'll need these jars!
Don't forget to enter the other two mason jar contests also! All you have to do is leave me a comment as to what you would like to do with your new mason jars. Contest closes November 25th.
Keep it Beautiful.
**Bernardin has graciously supplied me with the mason jars for this series.
All the content and text are all mine and my opinion. Now go enter the contest and get yourself some awesome new jars :)


  1. I've used mason jars as a hostess gift for the holiday season. Inside the jar layer with the ingredients for your favourite muffin or cookie recipe, wrap with a festive bow and your hostess will love this useful gift.

  2. I would like to make salads in the mason jars!

  3. I'd create a cute sewing kit. Such a great idea!

  4. I loved the gold painted mason jars you showed on Daytime Ottawa today! My current mason jar love are hand-made candles in mason jars that I picked up on my summer travels. (I never want them to melt out completely!) Although in looking at this post, I am really into these mason jar soap dispensers. Those look fabulous!

  5. I use Mason jars to store baking goodies as well as dried beans etc. Can see at a glance what I have and also what I need to stock up on.

  6. I want to make the salad in the jar! Wow, that looks good!

  7. I picked up some antique jars at a farm auction 2 yrs ago & have been addicted ever since. Mine are colored & have different shapes due to the age of the jars. They are sitting on my window ledge as the light going through them is fantastic in the morning. Love your ideas, as specially making hanging lights.

  8. I'd make big colorful salads that might help me get over the case of salad blues that I have these days!

  9. to hold bulk food items like candy, chocolate chips, granola...would think of more things too with time!!


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