Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Holiday Card Time!

Dare I say it? There are 6.5 weeks until Christmas! What? I know, we've barely cleaned up the Halloween decorations and I'm still eating my way through the kids' candy. On Saturday I was in Canadian Tire and the aisles looked like this....

Like it or not, the holidays are-a-coming. Friends of ours were taking their family holiday card picture this weekend which reminded me that it was time to order ours. Last year we ordered from Minted and loved them. They apparently liked us too because they ended up using our photo for a mock up "thank you card" on their site.

I started looking through the website this weekend and the foiled press cards really caught my eye as well as the ornament cards and mini books. Here are some more favs...

It seems like all we receive in the mail these days are bills and junk. Get your holiday cards ordered and make your loved ones day when they open their mailbox this season.

Minted has a promo going on right now which is a great bonus! $25 off + free shipping using code CHEER25FS at checkout.

Keep it Beautiful

*I am proud to have partnered with Minted today


  1. They used your photo?? That's crazy!

    I haven't decided yet what we're doing for our Christmas cards. I tend to leave them until mid-December!

  2. Oh, I love Minted cards!! Thanks for the coupon, will head on over!

  3. Ooh we just had family photos done so time to order cards...thanks for the coupon! Your photo is gorgeous, not surprised they showcased it :)

  4. I love Minted and their gorgeous holiday cards!! We always do Christmas cards, they are such a joy to send (and receive).

  5. minted has the best christmas cards, i order from them every year

  6. I love holiday cards. I will have to look into Minted this year as I haven't used them before.

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  8. Thanks for reminding me about getting Christmas cards. I have to add this to me list of things to get for Christmas. You look smashing in your hat on the card, Alicia, and you and your family look super cute on the card Minted used.

  9. You are so bang on with the timing of this post - this crazy digital world of ours has really taken over and Christmas cards seem to have taken a back seat, so it was heart-warming to read your post! Thank you :-)


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