Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Yummies: Fruit & Veggie Wash

Hi guys,

So, have you seen that "fruit and veggie wash" in the grocery store? It's usually in the produce section, hanging around in a random basket. I've always wondered what was in it and wondered why would people buy something that likely had chemicals in it (although don't quote me on that because I've never read the ingredients, but still...can't there be an easier/free option) to wash my fruits and veggies in?

So last Saturday, I told you we were going to go apple picking on the weekend? Well, we did, on Sunday. Of course, the kids loved it and picked every apple they could get their hands on. Total cuteness. Anyone need apples? Please, come over and have some! Notice the grass? Our 3 year old decided that the ones on the ground had to come home too.

So as my kiddies have been eating them, I was washing them as we went, until I thought of that random "fruit and veg wash" in the grocery store. I scoured Google and found out how to make your own. ENTER IN....a FOOD DIY! I swear, it's easy peasy!

Here's what you do:
- Fill your sink 1/3 to half way with luke warm water.
- Add 1 cup of white vinegar
- Mix it up
- Let your fruit & veggies get happy (for about 10-15 minutes)
- Drain and give the fruit and veggies a good rinse. I promise your fruit won't smell like vinegar.
- Drain the sink and let your fruit dry (I let it hang out on a clean dish cloth on the counter for awhile)

That's it. Easy eh?

Please come over for an apple! Some of these will definitely be in our Thanksgiving apple pie. Yes!

Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. Great idea to DIY for the fruit wash! I heard though that fruit doesn't keep as long after you wash it, so it might still be a good to just wash a few at a time..


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