Monday, August 18, 2014

Who Needs A Blanket Rack?

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend? We have officially started our vacation…woot! On Saturday we celebrated our big guy’s sixth birthday…six already? I’ll have more details on his birthday party with a few ideas to share, soon. In the meantime, I wanted to show you my new blanket rack.

Do you have a blanket rack? I feel like most people don’t actively go out and shop for blanket racks all that often, right? I’ve always wanted one and it seems like one of those items that someone passes down to you or it’s just always been there in your room. Well, it didn’t look like anyone would be dropping a blanket rack on my doorstep anytime soon, so I went on a mission.  I saw a few online that caught my eye, but to be honest, I really didn’t want to spend $75 on a blanket rack. They were super nice, but there are lots of other areas in my house that need $75 worth of love. So…I hit up

Yup, they’ve got it all. From couches to hair dryers, people are selling and buying everything. You can find really great stuff and I’ve sold tons of things on there. And…guess what I found...a blanket rack! It was in great shape, wooden and only $5! What? It also helped that the guy selling it lived five minutes from me. Enter in: another DIY!
So…I took a picture of my new purchase and somewhere in downloading it, my photo is gone. Ugh. However, picture a light wood basic blanket rack!
I headed over to my local hardware store to purchase my favourite transformation tool:
Sprayed on a couple coats and voila!!!

From drab to fab blanket rack!

Don’t forget to check out your local site when you’re looking for future DIY pieces, furniture, baby stuff…anything! Oh and remember to take the quiz I told you about a few weeks ago. You can win  $500 cash or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Yes please!
It’s been cold in Ottawa. Let’s hope it warms up so my throw can stay put on my new blanket rack!

Keep it Beautiful.



  1. Your blanket rack looks great! It's starting to be a little cool in the mornings here but not cold... before we know it though we'll be looking for the blankies too!

  2. i love the blanket rack, I have been looking for a nice one

  3. I love your balnket rack. I have book shelves I want to spray paint....I hate my ikea white bookcases.


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