Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Overwhelmed to Organized - Tackling the Linen Closet!

Hey everyone!

It's that time again:

Let's talk linen closets, shall we? What does yours look like? Is it a disaster zone? Are you constantly digging around trying to find a matching pillow case? Or is it beautifully organized? Before I had kids, I had this obsession with having a perfectly tidy linen closet and maybe because I have less time to keep it oh-so-perfect, that it turned into a TOTAL DISASTER! It's too much of a disaster to show you the whole thing so I'll let you use your imagination with this one shelf! OMG!

 So it was definitely time...
Everything came out and the donation pile kept growing!

This tiny space has the worst walls in the whole house. Missing drywall and the flame is from a fire that occurred in the house years ago before we moved in.
I hit up HomeSense, the Dollar Store, Ikea and Michaels for the supplies I needed. I knew I wanted to cover up these walls and just didn't have time to paint them so I found this pretty-in-pink Moroccan patterned wrapping paper at HomeSense. The shelf liner is from the Dollar Store, the white bins are from Ikea and the labels are from Michaels.
While my baby girl napped (well she decided to boycott the nap for most of the day!) I got to work measuring, cutting and getting that paper up on the walls! Looks so much better already!

 It felt good to get the medicine, first aid and kids' medicine (stuff like children's Tylenol and Advil) organized.
 How many sets of sheets does one family need? Honestly, how many people did we think were going to sleep over at one time? Now they fit into these two bins!

Our little linen closet has gone from this...
To this...

Ahhhh! Feels SO MUCH BETTER! Overwhelmed to Organized. I bought these grey towels from HomeSense. Seeing how these towels are for the kids (and guests) the white towels weren't staying so white with their little sticky fingers so grey it is!

I'm loving this fresh and bright makeover. Now I don't have to duck when I open up the door!

Whatcha think? Is your linen closet making you feel overwhelmed? As a first step, try taking everything out and sorting into piles. Please share your closets with me! 

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  1. Looks amazing! Now can you come help me with mine? ;)

  2. Wow..I am inspired to get organizing. I have way too much in my linen closet - so I will downsize first.Is it wrapping paper or wall paper that you used??

  3. seriously need to come work the linen closet here! I swear I've mastered the 'hold & close door' technique. (I know I really shouldn't be proud of that...) Awesome job & so simple!

  4. Love the paper, so happy. I have plans to tackle mine this week, I'm sure I'll be making a large donation as well.

  5. That paper is spectacular! Thank goodness for naps -- whenever they come!!! I bought some gorgeous paper at HomeSense with aspirations of a different project -- but this one seems so much more achievable. Thanks AGAIN for the organizing tips -- I conquered the playroom last time, so let's hope I'm on a roll following your lead with this one too.


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