Monday, December 16, 2013

613 Holiday Special - O Christmas Tree!

Hi everyone,
How was your weekend? Do you have your tree up? Real tree vs. faux tree...what's your stance? Both Mr. Fix-It and I grew up with real trees and have great memories of going to pick out the perfect tree with our families. 

While we always go real, we have a faux tree in our house too. It's in the breakfast room and we call it "the kids' tree". Do you have more than one tree? I love it. A perfect place for all the ornaments that Mr. Fix-It and I had as kids, mixed with all the adorable ornaments that the kids make. Plus, I'll be honest, the real theory behind means I get to have the pretty tree all matchy in the living room ;) Here is our tree this year.

This Monday is the third week of the 613 Holiday Special - O Christmas Tree! We're all sharing our trees today so check out their beauties!

Last week we packed the kids into the car and hunted for the perfect tree.  Do you long to have your tree look like the ones in the store? Real or faux, here are a few tips to get your tree looking!!

1. Lights.

- Your tree doesn't need just a couple strings of lights. It needs mucho lights!! The pre-lit trees that you buy have like a 1000 lights. So look for those sales and hook yourself up.

- Say NO to the twinklers, the flashers and any lights that move to the beat of the music. Just say NO!

- Don't forget about the middle of your tree. When you're putting the lights on (which by the way, they should go on first) make sure you wrap them in through, and out of the tree. This will create dimension.

- Is your tree in a corner? Don't just light the front of the tree or the part of the tree that faces the corner is going to be really dark. You don't have to put as many lights back there but give the back some love!

2. Ornaments.

- Create cohesion with your ornaments. Absolutely put on your fav ornaments, they don't have to match at all. Then go buy a box of whatever colour you want and add those as your base. The big box stores sell a box of 50 ornaments that are really inexpensive.

- Buy different sized ornaments. This will create depth and dimension to your tree.

- Have ornaments that shine? Place them close to a bulb and they'll sparkle.
- Just like your lights, place some of your ornaments inside the tree. This will create major impact.

3. Fill the holes.

- If your tree is real, having random holes (I call them "wowies") is common. Don't fret. All you need to do is go to the dollar store and buy their sticks in the flower section. You can get any colour under the sun. Place them in the holes of your tree and they will look gorgeous and finish off your tree beautifully. I promise.

A Christmas tree can make any room look fresh.fabulous.sophisticated. Don't you just love relaxing by the tree? We did a whole lot of that this weekend.

Please send me photos of your decorated trees. I would love to see them! Also, you should definitely check out the Ottawa bloggers' trees. They are just beauty and you'll get some great ideas!

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Keep it Beautiful.


  1. Smart Alicia! I wouldn't have thought to use sticks. And I have to admit I never bothered with the back of tree ...before now. Thanks for the great tips... My tree will be so much better for it. :) M

  2. The tree looks beautiful. I really like the idea of using stick to fill the gaps - very clever :)

  3. Beautiful tree Ali, but would have loved to see the kid's tree as well. Maybe you could pop it on when you show some others.

  4. Gorgeous tree Alicia. And I love your tip about using sticks to fill in any gaps.


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