Friday, October 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Organizing Chaos!

Happy Friday everyone!

So...we had one of Mr. Fix-It's relatives visit a few weeks ago who is really lovely.  She's fun, chatty and we had a really nice time together.  However, I know from being in her home that she's a neat freak.  The vacuum marks in the carpet are always apparent and there isn't a speck of dust to be found. Knowing with three kids that I can't possibly have such a perfectly clean house, but I do try to keep it relatively tidy. 

I'm totally that girl that will tidy up in 5 minutes and throw things in the cupboard like a mad woman.  Yup, I'm exposed...that's me. So when you come over...don't look in my cupboards! This is EXACTLY what happened the night we had Mr. Fix-It's relative over. SHE OPENED MY SPICE CUPBOARD AND I WANTED TO DIE! The poor woman was only looking for a drinking glass and found disaster.  It's one of those cupboards that I open everyday as I cook dinner and every day I tell myself that I'm going to organize it.  Well, the day after she left, I.DID.IT!

Here it's the chaos. Who could find a particular spice if they wanted to?

So...I picked up these white plastic bins and glass spice holders at the Dollarstore. I heart that store! I also ordered these cute labels from  What's great, is that you can customize the spice name before you order.

I pulled everything out of the cupboard. Yikes!

Any old medications that were hanging in there, I put in a bag and dropped them off at my local pharmacy. You don't want to put old pills and meds in the garbage or down the toilet.

All the vitamin bottles have a home in one bin....

I picked up these little daily pill holders.  Now every Sunday I can put all our vitamins (I'm totally on a vitamin kick) in the little compartments and not only are they organized but we remember to take them!

All the spice jars are full and have a home too...

What do you do with all those extra bags of spices once you fill the jars? I put them in a Tupperware and store them in the pantry downstairs.  That way, when the jar needs a fill you know exactly where to find the extra spices.

Don't forget, spices have a shelf life.  According to Readers Digest, they have a shelf life of about 1-3 years but I would go with closer to 1 year because they start to lose their flavor. literally took 15 minutes to do and now it's done and chaos free.  Who wants to come over and check out my spice cupboard now??

Do you have a cupboard in your house that needs some major organizing? Would you die if your neat freak Aunt Edna opened it?

Have a fab weekend.  We're watching a friend's little one this weekend so there will be 4 little ones running around our house (well three, thank God our baby girl can't run around yet)! Wine required for mama and Mr. Fix-It!

Go organize your spice cupboard...

Keep it Beautiful.

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