Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School - Say Goodbye to the Lost and Found!

Can you believe it? It's that time again? September is around the corner and the kiddies are going BACK-TO-SCHOOL!  I'm still hanging on to summer but I need to start getting my little guys ready for their big first days. 

I was very excited when Stuck on You sent me their adorable personalized labels to get the kids organized and back to school.  How many jackets, water bottles, gloves etc. have you pulled out of the school's lost and found? Your kids belongings won't be hanging out on the mountain of lost stuff if you have these fab labels.

Stuck on You

Stuck on You has colourful, waterproof personalized labels for your little ones that pretty much stick on anything. These are the labels that Stuck on You sent me. I love the colours and they personalized them with soccer balls for our big guy (sorry the photo is so blurry, I just don't want my kiddies names out there).

Here are just a few items that definitely need labels...

Stuck on You also have these fab lunch boxes...they personalized one for our little guy with his name and these cute dinosaurs. Totally adorable, well made and well insulated.

If you want your kids stuff to stay organized and not end up in another kiddie's backpack then I recommend these adorable labels.  Stuck on You also has great gift ideas, puzzles, clothing etc. Your little ones will love them!

Thanks Stuck on You!

Keep it Beautiful.

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