Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chicken a la...outta here! Chalkboard DIY

The previous owners left lots of "doozies" at the cottage. This chicken picture is one of them. They seemed to have loved all things chicken, rooster, cows and pigs. We just weren't feeling the chicken love...

So, we thought, why not turn this little chicken into a chalkboard.  Enter in a DIY!

I did a DIY - Chalkboard last year.  You can check it out here.

My mum was actually the DIY'er for this chalkboard. This chicken picture has a great little frame around it and all you need is chalkboard paint.

We wanted to paint the frame the same colour as this sign that hangs on the other wall. Mum just took the sign into the local paint store and they matched it up. Easy peasy.

She painted the frame...

Bye bye chicken, on goes a few coats of chalkboard paint

Voila! A fresh.fabulous.sophisticated chalkboard that fits the wall, re-used an existing frame and was super easy!  Bravo Mum!

I'm sure you have something in your home that could use a makeover, why not turn it into a chalkboard?

Keep it Beautiful.

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