Monday, June 10, 2013

A Room for the Boys

Hello everyone!

It's been a little while. I have lots to tell, show and share with you. We've been busy working away on a few projects. Now that we're a party of 5, we've had to do some switch-a-roo of bedrooms. Our two boys really want to share a room (well our little boy really doesn't get it yet but our big guy is very excited about bunking with his little brother).  Although we have space for the boys to have their own rooms, we really want to keep our guest room for now. Sooo...the current guest room is bigger than our current big guy's room so we have completely switched the rooms. Needless to say our second floor looks like a tornado hit it. Yikes...not-so-pretty-guest-room now.

The switch-a-roo begins
Not only is the room bigger for the boys but it has this fabuloso room attached to it filled with windows.  The perfect little reading and play space amongst the trees for the boys. It is one of the features of the house that sold me. Here is the plan for the boys room:

The bunk beds have been ordered and they arrive this week. Mr. Fix-it painted the bedroom Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey and the reading room Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. I'm loving the contrast of the two colours and the crisp contrast between the white trim of the windows and navy colour. J'aime.
The bedding is blue and white pinstripe and I ordered the retro car fabric from Tonic Living for the window seat cushions and then a few accents of blue and orange throughout the space.

When decorating kid's rooms, you don't always need to go cutesy and baby. Especially if you want the room to grow with your kids. Remember, your kid's bedrooms are definitely spaces for them but you want the room to flow with the rest of your home d├ęcor.

Up goes the hale navy...

While we've been waiting for the bunks to arrive, Mr. Fix-it has started to re-paint the new guest room (our big guy's old room). Up on those walls is Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light. Fresh, cool and light.
FB - Borrowed Light

This week I'm going to show you how to make a no-sew window seat that we've made for the boys. It's a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated DIY that isn't difficult and requires zero sewing. Here's a sneak peak.....

Keep it Beautiful.

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