Thursday, May 2, 2013

Family Organization Wall

Since our big guy started school I've been wanting to create a space in our house that is dedicated to organizing our family.  I'm a list kind of girl and the sticky notes were getting a little out of control!We needed a space that reminded us of upcoming events, birthday parties, school activities as well as a spot to put up the latest art creation that came home in the backpacks.

Enter in a family organization wall.

In the breaky room that we've been renovating with the built-ins (they are done now...stay tuned), we had this empty wall (the breaky room is an addition to the house so some of the walls are the original exterior brick).

I decided that we needed a dry erase calendar, something to write quick reminders/notes on as well as something to display the kids' art on a regular basis. I wanted each child to have their own little space so I bought wooden letters (Walmart) for each child's initial and painted them the bookshelf accent colour (Benjamin Moore - Sea Haze).

I bought each child a bulletin board for their art, school notices etc.

Instead of drilling into the brick wall, I attached everything with these Command strips.  To be honest, the package on the left was from the dollar store and they actually worked better than the package on the front. Go figure!

Added each child's letter above the bulletin boards....

We needed a calendar to keep us organized, and this little message board is great for things we need at the grocery store, little reminders and is magnetic (with stainless steel appliances, gone are the days of everything being stuck to the fridge)...

Enter in art from school. Our little babe obviously doesn't have any art yet ;)

Voila! A fresh.fabulous.sophisticated family organization wall to keep us up to date.  It can also change as our family grows, thanks to the stick 'ems instead of drilling into the wall and having to patch.

Keep it Beautiful.


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