Thursday, March 7, 2013

Long Time No Blog! Purge the Junk!

Sorry my post went live before I was is the finished one!

Hello! Hello! Long time no blog!! I'm sorry I was MIA for most of February. Between having kids down and out with the flu and colds, wrapping up work at the office, renovating our kitchen/breakfast room and trying to get organized for this baby...I haven't had a chance to blog!

I'm happy to say that the sickies are gone (I hope I didn't just jinx it!), I've started my maternity leave and the renos are coming along. Phew!

Babe is due in 3 weeks so Mr. Fix-it and I have a list of daily things that we want to get done in the next two weeks. Its satisfying checking things off. I think he's nesting more than I am ;)

Last weekend he was on "purge the junk" mode. First priority was cleaning out our big guy's room. Holy cow! How can a 4 year old have so much randomness? He's definitely our collector kid. He'll keep scrap pieces of paper "because Mummy, it isn't garbage". Okay, so that was all done while he was at school! Next step, tackle his closet. His baby brother will be moving in with him soon so we needed to create a closet that was going to be functional in holding both the boys clothes. I had taken a few pictures of our operation clean out but I have no idea where I have stored them on the computer. Grrrr. Let's just say I had no idea that closet could house so much stuff/junk. Wowza.

Once it was gone our idea was to place one of these babies...

Ikea Expedit Shelf

into the centre of the closet and attach clothes rails to either sides so that the boys clothes could be divided and storage in the middle. However, after we bought it, put it together and Mr. Fix-it carried it upstairs we learned that it was going to be too big. Argh! Have you ever tried to take apart a piece of furniture from Ikea successfully? Wasn't going to there was a corner in the baby's room that was calling for storage and the Ikea shelf had a new home.

So back to square one. Mr. Fix-it repaired, primed and painted the closet the colour of the room (Benjamin Moore November Sky) and painted and rearranged the shelves (Farrow and Ball Drawing Room Blue).

While Mr. Fix-it was busy painting, I went on the search for storage baskets. I found these square ones at Ikea:

and needed two shorter one to fit the top shelf. Homesense came to my rescue and a red and blue pair came home with me.

Now the boys shirts are all in one dresser and their pants and sweatshirts are nicely hung and divided in the closet. They each have a green bin on the bottom of the closet with their socks, underwear and our little guy's diapers. This way, they can reach everything they need to get dressed.

Re-painting and organizing your closet space is a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated way to feel purged of random junk that accumulates in there and leaves you feeling tidy and organized. So open those closet doors and get organizing.

Keep it Beautiful.

P.S. I have lots more to share with you on the ongoing projects. Remember the breakfast room reno? It's still going on and operation playroom organization happened...again! Stay tuned. Have a great weekend.

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  1. julie promoli kepp it beautiful FANMarch 7, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    Yay can't wait to see all your fun projects! But most importantly, a baby pic! Jules


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