Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabulous Friday: Nursery LOVE

The results are in and this family just added a little bit more glitter! We're having a baby girl!

We're thrilled to add a little girl to our two boys. Our big guy has decided that her name is going to be "Tea"? Not sure where that came from but for now that's what he's calling her :)

I am a huge lover of baby boys. Huge! When our first son was born I just fell in love with little boys and their cuteness, gentleness and energy all round. I have really enjoyed decorating both our son's nurseries making each one unique to them and always wondered if I would love having a baby girl as much as I've loved having boys. So far, I'm thrilled :)

Enter in the sparkle! I'm very excited to decorate our little girl's nursery. Maybe because I've been surrounded in boy for a little while but I'm going girly girl for this little one's room. Even if she decides to be a tom boy, for the first little bit of her life, she's going to be in a girly room until she decides otherwise ;)

Our little guy is still a small babe and will only be 18 months when the new babe is born so we'll see when he makes the transition into bunking in with his big brother. Our big guy is very excited to have a "roomie" and sleep on the top bunk.

I've just started to think about this little girl's nursery and here are some ideas that I love. I'm not sure I'll paint the room a different colour (right now its Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Grey). Its very actually looks quite blue in the room.

Here it is in our babe's nursery now:

We'll see. I may change my mind and go pink!

Here are some ideas that I'm loving:

I love the soft pink drapes in this Restoration Hardware nursery.
This fabric is from my fav fabric store Tonic Living. My fav is the soft pink flowers. Might be another DIY for drapes!
I like these colours and they would go great with the current paint colour
This is just pretty...I love the texture
Isn't this mirrored dresser gorg? The nursery's current dresser is starting to show its wear and tear. Hmmmm.
Cute chevron rug from Pottery Barn
These mobiles from Pottery Barn are also darling.

I would love to see the photos of your little girl's nursery. Share the love.

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Right now he's calling the baby Tea like the drink ;) Too funny.

  2. Hey Alicia, I have a sample of the dandelion print n the pale pink you like. It's totally gorgeous but you might be surprised how light it is in real life. The darker pink might be more dramatic. Depends what you are looking for :)

    1. Oh, thanks for the info Emily. I think the darker pink might be better if the other one is too light.
      Would love to see a photo of your little one's nursery :)

  3. Congrats, yes you'll LOVE basking in PINK glory :-)


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