Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Yummies: Halloween Night!

Happy Halloween!!

I.LOVE.HALLOWEEN! The smell of the lit pumpkins, the chill in the air, the costume fun and of course, the candy!

It seems like every year, trick-or-treaters start earlier and earlier which makes getting dinner on the table and getting your kids or yourself all costumed up total crazyness. Here is an easy recipes that's fun, will keep your kids fueled for trick-or-treating and relatively healthy.

"Mummy Pizzas"

1 pkg. English muffins (6 count = 12 halves)
3/4 c. pizza sauce or tomato sauce
12 slices mozzarella cheese
24 black olive slices
Green bell pepper, chopped into 1/4" pieces

1. Preheat your oven's broiler
2. Split each English muffin and broil (tops only) until crisp and golden
3. Remove muffins from oven. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
4. Cut your mozzarella cheese slices into muffin-sized mummy bandages
5. Spread about a tablespoon of pizza sauce on each muffin half.
6. Top with cheese "bandages."
7. Place two black olive slices on each pizza for eyes. Give each eye a piece of green pepper for a pupil.
8. Bake about 10 minutes, until muffin is crisp and cheese is melted.

A mixture of ideas...I really like the bananas and cheese strings. Easy and cute.

Not sure you really need dessert with all the candy the kids will be eating, but my big guy and I made these last weekend for fun. It was your basic sugar cookie recipe, a ghost cookie cutter and I picked up a few cookie decorating thingys at Homesense. A great way to spend an afternoon together and let them decorate how they want.

You can always add a few things here and there to your family's dinner to make it special and fun. Drop plastic spiders in an ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze. I got mine at the Dollar Store and I've been adding them to my 4 year old's water! Great for a Halloween party too :) (note: this pic is from Pinterest, my battery died just as I was going to take a photo)

Tonight our big guy is going out as an orange monster and our babe is a monkey :)

Enjoy your night! Happy Halloween!!

Keep it Beautiful.

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