Friday, October 19, 2012

Fabulous Friday - DIY Dry Erase Frame

TGIFF! Thank God its Fabulous Friday!

So, I had another post that I wanted to share with you today, but I realized just as I was finishing it, that I forgot to take the final "VOILA" picture. Ugh. So you'll have to wait and see next week.

But, here is a DIY that takes only a few minutes to do and its super cute.

Enter in DIY - Dry Erase Frame!

I've seen versions of these floating around Pinterest...

So, I thought I would make my own. Here is what you'll need...


- Frame (I had a Pottery Barn frame hanging around that has been empty for awhile)
- Pretty backing paper
- Stickers (these are optional, I found these little hearts in my big guy's craft drawer and picked up the letter stickers at Michael's)
- Dry Erase markers (I picked these ones up at Michael's)

1. Place your pretty paper in behind your mat or if your not using a mat just cut it to fit the glass.

2. Stick the stickers on the glass to say whatever you would like and...

3. Fill in your message

Easy peasy. I put this in our bedroom and Mr. Fix-it and I write little messages to one another once and awhile. Its nice to wake up to a love message now and then :)

Have a super weekend (again, my goal is to get those stripes on the walls!) Fingers crossed!

Keep it Beautiful.

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