Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Do you love your cleaning products? Okay, not sure you could really "love" a cleaning product! Lets be honest...I would say there is a relatively small proportion of people out there that "love" to clean. However, cleaning our homes is a part of life that we just can't get around.

Even if you have a cleaner that comes to your house, you still need to tidy and clean in between visits. And Lord knows...between my big guy leaving his crumbs everywhere and my little guy throwing his food out of his high chair at every meal - our house needs "in between cleaning"! Honestly, yesterday I swept the kitchen floor FOUR times!!

So, its fitting that this past week, Mrs. Meyers - Clean Day Aromatherapeutic Household Cleaners sent me a few products to test out and review. Have you heard of Mrs. Meyers products?

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day is inspired by a mother of nine ( up after nine kids??). When one of Mrs. Meyer's daughters was an adult, she wanted to create cleaning products that didn't smell harsh, but smelled like her mom's garden and packed a wicked punch in cleaning. In comes these fab cleaning products.

I tested four products:

Lemon Verbena Liquid Dish Soap

Wowza, this made my stainless steel pots shine on the drying rack. I only needed to add a few squirts and my water was sudsy and ready for my spaghetti sauced pots. Spaghetti sauce dish water is a true dish soap test in my books. I even washed things that I normally put in the dishwasher just so they could look extra shiny. Also, the packaging is really cute and looks nice on the counter ;)

Lemon Verbena Bathroom Cleaner

Its summer, which means my kids spend all day outside, in and out of the sand in their barefeet, eating drippy popsicles and lathered in sunscreen. So...they definitely leave a "ring around the tub" after their bath. This product left my bath tub looking shiny and new. I was impressed with this products bathroom cleaning power. I know our Shirley (she's our cleaning lady...God bless her!) uses a much harsher product in the bathroom and while the bathroom shines with her products, I like that Mrs. Meyer's had equal shine and much gentler. Oh...also Mrs. Meyer's products are not tested on animals :)

Here's the "con": I wasn't in love with the lemon verbena scent on initial use. While I was washing my dishes I did feel like it was a bit overpowering, however the second time I used the product it didn't seem as strong. Maybe I was just used to it but my kitchen and bathroom did smell fresh.

Lemon Verbena Automatic Dish Packs

This little puck packed a strong punch to my dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I dont have a new dishwasher so sometimes my dishes dont come out shining. However, they did after this product. I was concerned that my dishes would have a strong scent but they didn't...they just sparkled.

Finally, I tested the Lavender Countertop Spray

Again, I was super impressed by its cleaning power. Mr. Fix-it likes this smell over the lemon verbena.

Overall, these Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products are fresh.fabulous.sophisticated. I love that they are earth friendly, cruelty free, they work well and their packaging is lovely. I did find their scents a bit powerful and overwhelming but I would rather my kitchen smell like a flower garden than bleach.

You can order Mrs. Meyers online or you may find it in your local grocery stores. I know that Canadian Tire and Metro carry them.

Thanks Mrs. Meyers!

Keep it Beautiful.

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