Friday, July 13, 2012


Happy Friday everyone!

Hot child in the city!! Wowza, its been HOT!

Hope you've had a nice week. My big guy has been at "super hero" camp in the mornings so we've had a week of jumping, flying and chasing bad guys.

This past week Mr. Fix-it and I tried to challenge ourselves. The challenge was...not have a drink in the evenings between Monday to Friday. Well I guess its technically Monday to Thursday because Friday is SOO the weekend. Yes, can you believe we had to make that into a challenge...sad.

Dont get me wrong, its not like we totally can't go without having a yummy bevvie after the kids go down, BUT it really is a nice way to sit together on the porch, with a yummy bevvie in hand and chat about our day. Mr. Fix-it is a scotch collector and drinker and I do love a cold icy beer on a hot summer night. And let's face it...its been HOT HOT HOT! Also, lets be honest...those extra calories a day add up over the whole summer. Hmmm, maybe that's why my shorts feel a wee snug.

Needless to say, I won the challenge this week. Mr. Fix-it gave in to the open bottle of white wine staring at him in the fridge last night and had a small glass. Still, small or not, I won. Hmmm, we really should have had a prize for the winner. I about a bottle of wine? Ha! Joking, kindof.

Have you ever done a challenge like this? Are we the only ones?

So, now that its Friday...bring out the cocktails!

Here are some yummy looking recipes...

Mojitos of my fav drinks.

Ooooh, White Sangria

Me likely the look of these. Really, Malibu Rum with any kind of juice = yummy. My friend Isabelle made me a drink last week with Malibu Rum, grapefruit juice and a splash of Fresca. Delish!

These remind me of being in the Caribbean, sitting by the ocean without a care in the world.
After a couple of them, your backyard may feel "tropical" and you may feel like doing the limbo under the sprinkler is a perfectly reasonable thing to do;)

Of course, the classic

Have you ever tried the margarita with the upside corona? I haven't but heard its super yummy. It seems like a bit of a university frosh week move, but hey...the rules are way more lax in the summer right?

Try one of these yummy bevvies this weekend and you'll feel fresh.fabulous.sophisticated.

Have a great weekend everyone! Speaking of summer rules, here are our rules on our chalkboard for summer...

Keep it Beautiful.

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