Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Mantel

Yesterday was the official day of summer! I.LOVE.SUMMER!

Its been a scorcher week across many parts of Canada and we are feeling the heat in Ottawa! It felt like 44 degrees on Wednesday...crazy!

It was time for our living room mantel to get a little makeover to kick off my favourite season.

Bear with me and my photos for the next little bit. I had been using a friend's camera but its decided it needs a break and a new lens so I'm stuck using my little mini camera for now.

Hello summer mantel...

The little "beach" sign came from Mr. Fix-it's workshop. I journeyed down into the "man cave" aka...dark, dirty, tool-filled work room, to find something to make a sign with. I found a random plank and had Mr. Fix-it cut it to the length I needed. I gave it a quick paint and wrote "beach" on it with Benjamin Moore Cloud White. A quick sand to make it look a bit "weathered" and VOILA...a summer sign.

There are sand and shells in this glass jar from our honeymoon, a friend's down south wedding, babymoons, the Maritimes and other beachy trips. The piece of coral and that other cool looking stick thing (what is that anyway?) is also from our honeymoon.

Take a look around your home, I'm sure you'll find something to spice up your summer mantel. Here is some inspiration...

Casabella Project

Home Stories A to Z

Even if you dont have a mantel to decorate, what about a front hall table? Dining room table? Get creative and makeover your mantel that is fresh.fabulous.sophisticated about summer!

Happy Weekend!

Keep it Beautiful.

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