Friday, September 30, 2016


Hey fall lovers! Hope you had a wonderful week. TGIF!

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week:

Jen's shiplap wall in her new cottage. This is a must for the bathroom at our cottage. 

As the weather is cooling off I'm thinking about what's to come. I'm in the market for a new winter jacket that is WARM (Ottawa winters!), keeps the tops of my legs and tush cozy, durable and can handle my kids hanging off of it. I’ve got my eye on this Nuuk Parka by Fjallraven

The deep front pockets are perfect for all things this mom randomly collects from her kids along a walk and the telephone pocket is a must. 

I’m also thinking this Ovik jacket would be great for Mr. Fix-It. The navy colour looks awesome against the snow and I feel like tall slim dudes can rock the puffer jacket. This one is down filled (Ottawa winter worthy - check) and has a detachable hood. There are tons of other merchandise on here that I’m loving. I just ordered this fab backpack to carry my laptop in! I got the "leaf green" colour!

Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with the Will/Kate and Justin/Sophie visit?! 

I've been creating a wee mess in the basement. Wallpaper fun! More to come on that.

Working the tiny house 

Everything by Patrick Ahern 

We also need to get on refinishing our basement steps. It's on the list for October. 

Need to cozy up that couch or bed? Don’t forget about the Keep it Beautiful Shop! If you don’t see a pillow with the exact wording that you want, I can make it for you. Did you know there are 86 more days until Christmas?!

The CIBC Run for the Cure is this Sunday. I'm walking for my dear friend Robyn.

Happy weekend lovelies.

Keep it Beautiful

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


As we've gotten closer to trading in our flip flops for boots and ice cappuccinos for pumpkin spice lattes, we tend to stay inside a little more. Fridays are typically "family movie" night in our house where we usually order McDonald's for the kids, get in our pjs, head down to the basement and get cozy with a movie. It's become something that we all look forward to and wind down a busy week. However with summer, it became a bit sporadic. So last week it was time to reboot it.

A new movie that's just out this month on Netflix is Zootopia. Heard of it? If not, I bet your kids have. My kiddies didn't see it in the theatre so last Friday it was on the movie night menu. It also played Saturday and Sunday!?
I felt like this month has been so busy with the start of school. Back to routine, back to lunch making and back to homework...we just wanted to hide in the basement with the kids and decompress. Have you felt that way? 

Our big guy was at a sleepover so it was us and the minis. 
Armed with popcorn, snacks and a fun new BINGO game to play during the movie, family movie night had been rebooted.You can download the game here. It's easy to use - just print a card for each family member and try to spot the things or actions which commonly happen in movies (i.e. magic, crying, shopping etc.). Mark off your squares and the first one to get BINGO wins! You can also create your own show specific bingo card using the blank template.

Another one the kids said they want to watch is Treasure Planet

Late night movie night for Mr. Fix-It and I was on also. Here are some new shows this month:

Yes...Narcos - Season 2

Amanda Knoxx documentary - I will totally be watching this! Remember when this all happened? Craziness.

Mr. Fix-It is marathoning The Fall and The Last Ship

Keep it Beautiful.
Disclosure: I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team and as always, everything you read here are my words and opinions. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Hello lovelies!
Fall is in the air...well at least in the mornings. It's still been smokin' hot (not that I"m complaining) in the afternoons but the crisp morning air feels good. It's definitely got me into the fall decor groove inside the house and out. How can you not pick up the gorgeous potted mums outside the grocery store? So beauty.

Today I'm sharing a few ideas for decorating your table for fall. I love when the food get's warm, heavier and a whole lot of yummy and why not match your table decor to go with that cozy feel. And of course, Canadian Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and you'll want your table to look fab.
Fall is all about dressing in layers. Try it in on your table. Do you have a blanket scarf? I used mine as a table cloth. Why not? The colours are perfect. {Sorry guys, I have no idea why the text is wrapping around the photo below?}

Fall is a time to mix your metals. Silver, copper and gold look rich and always work together at this time of year. 
I'm in love with copper mugs right now. They're right on trend and this red mug with a copper handle is perfect for warm apple cider, hot toddy, mulled wine. Yum!
Look around your home to see what you have first and then shop for those finishing pieces to complete your table. I had this gold/copper pumpkin but bought the gold charger under the white plate to make the table feel more dressy.
I've rounded up a few ideas from (my go-to for online shopping) to help get you started or to give your table that finishing touch. Don't forget they ship to Canada for FREE. Ah-mazing! Scrolling the website on my tablet before I go to bed is a slight addiction for me. Please tell me you do this to.

Aren't these brass pumpkin salt & pepper shakers cute? These are the kind of buys you will bring out every year. They're cute, they're festive but not too over the top.

I would love to see your fall tablescapes. Pretty please?

Have a great Thursday. I'll be sharing more fall decor here soon.

Keep it Beautiful.

*This post has been sponsored by Wayfair Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Hey guys!

We made it. First week of school is complete and the kids came home smiling. Phew! I had no idea how nervous I was for them until Monday night when I tossed and turned thinking about the first day jitters. The kids were cool as cucumbers and I had to most definitely mask the mama nerves!

I thought I would do an update on bookshelf styling. Last week, while Mr. Fix-It is was out one night,  I decided to do a little bookshelf re-style. Armed with a glass of vino, everything came off the bookshelves (ironic that they're called bookshelves, yet we have hardly any books on them?! You might have more styled on your shelves) and I started from scratch.

Sometimes, you just need a little shake-up in your decor. Nothing new to purchase, I just looked around the house and took items for all over!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Our Experience with Healthy Meal Plan

Hey guys! Happy Fabulous Friday!

As summer starts to wind down and the fall routine begins next week, both Mr. Fix-It and I decided it was time to kick it back into gear with healthy eating and exercise. I was in a great routine for the first few weeks of July and then it all came to a halt when we went on holidays. Doesn't it always? I love indulging in food, drinks and all round summer shenanigans. However, my bod paid for it. Two weeks ago I was feeling sluggish, my pants were most definitely snug and I wasn't thrilled with myself that I ditched the gym. I totally believe that you need to indulge, but when it's making you feel tired and sluggish then it's a good sign to get yourself going again.

I would say we live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Both Mr. Fix-It and I have always been active and we work hard to instil the importance of a healthy lifestyle in our kids. Whether I'm heading to the gym, or Mr. Fix-It is off for a run, it's part of our family routine. It's important for the kids to see that living an active lifestyle is just part of our every day family routine. However, during the summer, I find it hard to get to the gym. It's so beautiful out and we usually end up at the park or out for a walk after dinner. And, of course, the beer. Beer and summer just go hand-in-hand. Right?

I've never been a girl that is obsessed with the scale. For me, I want to fill good in my clothes and my muscles to feel super strong. My weight goes up and down by about 10ish pounds (again, not going with the scale but how my clothes fit) fairly regularly and I know that when my clothes start to feel like their strangling me then it's time to do a reality check.

So, long story short, when Healthy Meal Plan asked us to try their food for a week, I WAS IN!