Friday, February 26, 2016


Happy Fabulous Friday everyone!

Did you have a good week? Can you believe that it’s the end of February? We’ve had a really easy winter here in Ottawa (which is not usually the case) and so February hasn't seemed too long. February often gets a bad rap of being a long, cold month but so far so good (although we did have some nasty freezing rain on Wednesday). Maybe I'm not too bothered by the weather because I’m trading in this...

for this...

and heading to sunny Mexico soon for a family getaway. You got it! So excited.

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week…

The Last Days of Target. An interesting read…I really, really miss that store.

This weekend, I’m heading to one of my favourite places that I’ve told you about before. We’re having a girlfriends weekend getaway at Nordik Spa-Nature. Yes please.

I’ve started to think about moving our baby girl into the bigger room and taking over the nursery as my office. Here’s some great tips from Lauren Conrad's blog for creating a gorg office. 

Oh, and exciting news...let me announce the winner of the Mohawk Rug Giveway

You guys really liked this contest. Apparently many of you are in need of an area rug…who isn’t really?! There were 7,080 entries and the winner is…

S. McDonald

So exciting. I’ll be in touch! Congrats.

The cute decals for the kids cozy space haven’t arrived yet but I’ll be sure to show you the finished space when they do.

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids and some friends? Try a hot chocolate bar party.
A couple of weeks ago… Mr. Fix-It, myself & a few friends hit up Brewfest in Ottawa. It was our second year and it didn’t disappoint. I attended as media and it was a really, really fun night. There were over 35 breweries from Ontario & Quebec, over 100 beers and it was awesome. 

The event took place at Lansdowne and even though it was one of the coldest weekends in Ottawa this winter, they even had some brewers outside! You could cozy yourself up with a blanket, hang out by the bonfire and sip on some fab beers. So Canadian! Inside it was super warm, with an awesome dj and the beers were pouring. 

If you didn’t make it this year, you need to go next year. Bookmark the website and check back late fall, that’s when the early bird tix go on sale. Cheers!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Keep it Beautiful.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Styling the Basement Built-Ins

Remember in the summer when I started talking about the built-ins for the basement and was looking for your thoughts on shelves vs bottom cupboards?
The built-ins were destined for this space. Oh my!

A little better...
To a fresh blank slate...
and here we are today...
I love built-ins. Our cabinet maker was awesome and he hooked us up with exactly what we wanted. Shelves on the top and cupboards underneath. Our house doesn’t have much storage so we have to use every inch of storage that we can. These cupboards right now are holding extra blankets for the basement, DVDs, video game randomness, even extra china that I have.  We chose simple black hardware with an iron feel and the shelving is adjustable so that we can switch up the size of shelving depending on what prettiness goes in there.
Here are a few tips when styling your built-ins
Start Fresh
No sense in trying to re-style your shelves with stuff already on there. Take everything off and start from a clean slate. Another great thing to do is paint the back of your built-ins, that’s what we did in the breakfast room.
It really defines the space, especially if you choose a dark colour. Navy or charcoal would be gorg. If you don’t want to commit to painting the backs, you can always cut those foam bristol boards from the dollar store into the size of the backing you need, paint them and add to the back. Or, cover a piece of cardboard with great wallpaper/wrapping paper, cut to size and add as the backing. So many possibilities! I think I’ll add a darker colour to the back down the road, but for now I’m liking the white in the basement. It keeps it bright.
Work with Wall Art
Look around your house. Do you have any framed art that would fit perfectly in your shelves? Framed art is a great way to layer your shelving. These ones are from Minted and I especially love the “anywhere with you” piece.
Group in 3s
I’ve talked to you before about this tip. Think in odd numbers. Vignettes look great in groups of 3s and 5s if you have the space.
Let there be Space
You don’t have to cover every inch of the shelf. Let your objects breathe and don’t think about what you’re doing too much. Honestly, if you over think it, it won’t work.
Switch it up
I added pinecones for the winter and a few red branches in the little blue vases. In the spring I’ll switch them out for something else.
Of course, use what you have my friends. Sure, if there is something you see that will be perfect in the space, then do it. I bought the infinity love sign in town at the cottage but everything else we already had.
'Squze the tv. Paw Patrol is a very popular show in our house these days!
I’m looking forward to showing you the other spaces of the basement soon. Now go style your shelves :)
Keep it Beautiful.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Movie Night In!

What’s your favourite way to do movie night? Do you make a delicious meal? Order in? Lights on? Lights off?

Movie night is one of our favourite parts of the week. It’s a time to relax, chill and literally do nothing. We usually have our movie night on Friday. It’s the end of the week, we’re all tired of the busyness and just want to veg.  We pick the kids up after work, either go through the McDonald’s drive-thru with them (gasp! They love it. Go ahead, judge me. You can’t say you don’t love the taste of McD’s fries!) or we make homemade pizza. If we’re making pizza, I usually make the dough on Thursday night so it has lots of time to rise and get all happy. The kids love to roll, smash and mush that dough.  How cute are those adorable chubby fingers?
 I’ve been using this recipe for years now and it’s easy peasy if you’re looking for one. Yum!

We turn off the lights, get under the blankets and all watch whatever Netflix movie or shows the kids have picked.  Sometimes, okay usually, it takes the kids awhile to agree on what we’re going to watch. We’ve started to give them turns each week to pick the movies. However, this Friday it’s Mummys’ choice and I’ve decided that we’re all watching “Fuller House”. Yes, yes, yes! Kimmy Gibbler! Fuller House is making it's debut this Friday Feb 26th! As part of the Netflix Stream Team, I’ve had a chance to see a few sneak peak preview episodes and it doesn’t disappoint. 

Think your family might want something else? My kids are obsessed with Inside Out right now. It’s adorable. It came out this month and my kids are obsessed. When the kids go to bed, Mr. Fix-It and I either make something yummy with lots of calories  Isn’t that what you want on a Friday night? Either a yummy big pasta, or a cheesy topped pizza with the homemade dough. Or, we order in something equally delicious.  This upcoming movie night we’ve got Better Call Saul on our list
and continuing on our Mad Men binge.  It’s so good. Oh and Mr. Fix-It is binging on Weeds and I just finished one of my favs… Downton Abbey. Yes! Have fun watching Fuller House this weekend! You can also check out TV Time for the Fam that has other Fuller House-inspired title collections.

 Keep it Beautiful.

*You all know I’m part of the Netflix StreamTeam. You love Netflix, I love Netflix and I love getting the opportunity to let you know what’s on every month. Thanks for supporting the brands here that help support this blog.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kids' Nook Inspiration

Hi guys,

Hope you had a great weekend. It was Family Day here in Ontario yesterday, which gave us a long weekend. It's been crazy freezing here this past week and this morning we woke up to mucho snow. The kids were thrilled :)

We had one of those "catch-up" weekends. It was relaxing and productive at the same time. Does that makes sense? I felt like we weren't rushing anywhere, but got lots done around the house that we've been meaning to do.

While we went full speed ahead on getting the basement complete the last little while, there are still pieces that need the finishing touches.  We need to order the desk top and laundry counter top, cut it and stain it, order the barnboard for one of the walls and find a fab rug. However, we just added a coffee table and a trip to Ikea this weekend will give the walls those finishing touches they need. 

We're ready to finish the little nook under the stairs for the kids. The kids have been building their Lego in there and making it their hideout. Super cute. So, here's inspiration for behind this little door.

A few added touches and a little space just for them is born.

Once those decals arrive in the mail, I'll be sure to show you the finished space. Do you have a little empty nook or corner that could be turned into a little space for the minis to play? Or what about a cozy reading spot? 

I promise to do a final reveal post on the basement when the finishing touches are done but stay tuned for the built-ins, I have a yummy and easy pizza dough recipe to share and a few other things up my sleeve.

Keep it Beautiful.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Want to work together? I can’t wait to hear about what you’re working on and look forward to helping you share it. There are so many ways we can work together. 
Talk to me.

Here's a glimpse of brands I've worked closely with...


Keep it Beautiful.
Hi there! I'm Alicia.

I started Keep it Beautiful Designs in 2012 while on maternity leave with my middle child. My husband (Mr. Fix-It) and I were renovating our 100 year old home ourselves and I wanted a space to share our experience and show other people that they can create beautiful spaces as well. I truly believe that when you love the space you’re in, you feel beautiful.  

As a mom of 3 small children, I understand the realities of life and budget. My goal is to share tips and tricks, DIYs, fabulous recipes, fashion and beauty. Not only do you feel amazing when you've created beautiful spaces, but eating delicious food, drinking a large glass of red and wearing a fabulous pair of new boots and lipstick also feeds your soul.

As an Interior Decorator, I hope to inspire my clients and readers to splurge, save and I love being on the decorating journey with you. 

Our digital world allows for endless doors to open. I am so glad you've opened this door and I hope you stay.

Want to work together? Talk to me!

Keep it Beautiful.

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